The best way to learn the best practices of programming with C++

Free resource to learn C++ with hands-on coding. Covering all critical aspects with practical examples of C++ good practices.

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What is CppExpert?

CppExpert is a free website to learn C++ in the most enjoyable way.

The website gives you the code snippet with some issues. You can learn the best practices by actually trying to improve the problematic codes.

The website offers a more practical and relevant learning experience than other platforms, such as Leetcode, which often focus on theoretical computer science problems.

Interactive Coding Workspace

The best way to learn coding is to write code. You are given codes with some problems or with bad practices. You can try to spot the problems, fix them, submit your solution and checkout the output.

Each given code has categories (Performance, Readability, Portability, Modernize, Cppcoreguidelines etc). Use them as hint.

There are explanations and reference links at the end to help you understand why the code is considered as bad practice and how to improve it.

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Progress Tracking

"Know yourself to improve yourself." You can track your progress on each best practice category.

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Daily coding quiz email

The best way to learn C++ (or anything) is to continue learning it every day even for a short time.

It could be the first small thing you do after waking up, During commuting or Before going to bed.

By subscribing to Daily coding quiz email, you can make the haits stick.

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